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Want to tap into the budding cannabis industry? We create online video classes that can help plant the seed for your success. Whether you want to expand a business, train your staff, start a career, or simply get in on the facts, our classes cover the basics and beyond with curated content and interactive tools that make learning fast and easy.  

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Looking for a job?

get the perfect head start
Take easily-digestible classes created by pioneers in the cannabis industry.
Solidify your knowledge with interactive tools built for easy learning.
Share your accomplishments with certificates of completion.
Get a leg up on the competition - this is the stuff we wish we knew when we started!

Already in the industry?

Invest in yourself
Take cannabis-centric classes that can help you navigate an ever-changing landscape.
Train your team and track learning with an easy-to-use class-management platform.
Get secrets from industry experts who can help pave your path to success.
Speed up the learning curve with video classes thoughtfully written and professionally produced to  ensure maximum retention.
Learn from the Pros
Get the scoop from industry professionals who’ve paved the way.
Study Anytime, Anywhere
Watch where you want, when you often as you need.
Curated Content
Tackle easily-digestible classes designed to help you learn quickly.

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It’s high time for credible cannabis education

ZolTrain is brought to you by the same people that founded and built The Farm - Boulder, Colorado’s award-winning dispensary.  We’ve teamed up with a network of cannabis industry experts - including growers, extraction artists, retail operators, and beyond - to bring you the best in cannabis education. 

Our classes are professionally produced to deliver an enriching learning experience - valuable resource materials are provided with each class to accommodate the various learning styles.