Online budtender training

for Cannabis Brands & Dispensaries

Smart budtender training is the secret to growing your profits

Budtender Training

Budtenders are the crucial link between cannabis brands and sales. Their knowledge and recommendations drive customer loyalty and retail sales. Too many cannabis brands waste time and resources sending sales teams across the nation to deliver rushed training to time-strapped budtenders. ZolTrain is an online, on-demand training platform that gets budtenders the knowledge they need to sell cannabis products.

A more effective way to train budtenders


  • Achieve top-of-mind brand recognition among budtenders
  • Establish consistency across dispensaries
  • Track budtender course completion & knowledge of your brand
  • Significantly reduce training-related travel costs
  • Free up sales teams to focus on securing new business


  • Provide better customer service with a knowledgeable, helpful budtender staff
  • Manage employee turnover without losing important sales knowledge
  • Enable employees to train on their own time at their own pace
  • Train teams consistently across multiple locations
  • Track budtender course completion and reward excellent employees

Founded by an experienced industry veteran

ZolTrain Team

A 10-year cannabis business owner and founder of Boulder, Colorado’s The Farm, Jan Cole recognized that educated budtenders delivered a measurable boost to sales. With her firsthand experience running some of the industry’s most successful dispensaries and infused product companies, Jan understands how to train staff quickly with the goal of increasing profits for brands and dispensaries.

Budtender Training