Knowledge to GROW YOUR brand 

ZolTrain is an online budtender training platform designed by cannabis dispensary operators who have successfully trained and managed hundreds of retail employees.

We connect cannabis brands directly with dispensary staff to provide product training and accountability - anywhere, anytime.

why zoltrain?

Brand Awarenesss

get the perfect head start
Deliver easily-digestible classes to your front line sales team.
Motivate budtenders with brand certification and accountability.
Get a leg up on the competition - deliver your brand knowledge directly to those representing you at the retail counter.
Educate the Salesforce
Train your salesforce - both employees and the retail budtenders representing your brand.
Train Anytime, Anywhere
Deliver training to your national salesforce and dispensaries without the expense of being onsite.
Lay the Foundation
Brick by brick, lesson by lesson infuse the industry with your brand knowledge and increase sales.

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ZolTrain is brought to you by the same people that founded and built The Farm - Boulder, Colorado’s award-winning dispensary.