With the tide of legalization rising around the world, cannabis is rapidly losing its stigma and gaining mainstream acceptance. Whether you’re standing behind the dispensary counter or in front of it, it’s important to understand the wide variety of cannabis products available on modern dispensary shelves.

Developing a well-rounded knowledge of cannabis begins with understanding the cannabis flower itself. In this class, we’ll show you how to recognize taste, smell and other characteristics across different strains of flower. You’ll also gain the basic knowledge you need to understand product labels and accurately assess the quality of cannabis flower in any dispensary.

Lessons Overview

  • Lesson 1 - Cannabis Classification
    • Uncover the modern myth of indicas and sativas
    • Realize that nearly all flower is hybrid these days
  • Lesson 2 - From Landrace Strains to Modern Times
    • Discover landrace strains: the building blocks for all strains being cultivated today
    • Interpret strain names - creativity, geography, heritage and flavor all play their part
    • Understand that although regulation is improving oversight, strain name accuracy is dispensary dependent
  • Lesson 3 - Determining Flower Quality
    • How to use the five senses to judge quality
    • Learn to develop your senses to help determine the best product for individual needs
    • Discuss other ways to determine quality and likely effect
  • Lesson 4 - Labels and Packaging
    • Understand the label - Determining cannabinoid and nutrient content
    • Figure out cannabis math - A hybrid of the imperial and metric systems
    • Discuss packaging - Child-proof containers are industry standard
  • Lesson 5 - Consuming Flower
    • Explore smoking vs vaping
    • Obtain safe consumption tips
    • Understand the onset and duration of effects
    • Gain helpful tips to manage any side effects
  • Lesson 6 - Storage and Safety
    • Follow the CDC’s advice for all prescription drugs to keep it “up and away”
    • Discover best practices for preserving flower and maintaining product longevity

What you get

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