From Prohibition to the Promised Land

We now live in a time where cannabis is legal in more parts of the United States than not, while other countries are legalizing and decriminalizing its use. How did we get here?

Looking back reveals the tumultuous history of the cannabis plant, which has been variously embraced and vilified by different societies and cultures. As more and more voters cast their ballots, it’s obvious people around the world are organizing in support of legalization like no other time before in history.

In this class, we follow cannabis from ancient civilizations through the years of prohibition into the modern-day movement toward legalization. Knowledge and education are the most important tools to ensure the future for cannabis remains bright, so get on board and open your mind as we take a look at the fascinating history of this remarkable plant.

Lessons Overview

  • Lesson 1 - Cannabis in Ancient Civilizations
    • Trace the early use and history of cannabis in ancient Egypt, China & India
    • Learn about the traditional use of cannabis for industrial, medicinal and spiritual purposes
  • Lesson 2 - Cannabis in the United States: Early America to the 1930’s
    • Uncover America’s early connection to hemp production and medicinal cannabis products
    • Understand the impact of key political players who developed a smear campaign to destroy the hemp industry by escalating racial tension
    • Discover how cannabis prohibition began with “The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937”
  • Lesson 3 - Modern Cannabis History: Post-WWII to Today
    • Find out how the US government supported hemp production during World War II, but reverted to prohibition with the Boggs Act of 1952
    • Uncover how the US government has contradictory policies on cannabis that restrict medical research and access
    • Learn how celebrities and cultural icons encouraged the cultural acceptance of cannabis
    • Understand why Richard Nixon created the DEA and learn about the failure of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign
    • Learn about California’s Proposition 215 and how it paved the way for legalized medical cannabis
    • Discover how recreational cannabis legalization began with the voters of Colorado and Washington in 2012
  • Lesson 4 - Social Impact and Advocacy
    • Understand how medical marijuana’s effectiveness propelled public acceptance of legalization
    • Uncover the inherent difficulties and tenuous legal dynamic that has arisen as more states legalize
    • Understand how antiquated cannabis laws disproportionately punish minorities
    • Become part of the movement and understand how advocacy groups help support cannabis legalization
    • Hear from Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)

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Cannabis History