Getting a Cannabis Job: The Interview

What is more nerve-racking that the dreaded job interview? For many, it’s one of the most anxiety-inducing situations a person can face during their careers – regardless of the industry in question. Without taking steps to adequately prepare yourself, this can be doubly true in the cannabis industry. Considering most people have no idea what […]

Cannabis Explained: The Science Behind Marijuana

Cannabis heals, stimulates, and revitalizes – and we have found evidence of its use in different cultures and products for thousands of years. But, up until recently, we didn’t know HOW it worked. We now understand that we are literally born with a system built to interact with cannabis – or, more accurately, cannabinoids – […]

Cannabis Careers: Who Are The People In Your Industry

The cannabis industry is relatively new and growing fast in many parts of the United States. Like any emerging industry, labor needs are evolving and the number and nature of employment opportunities is growing almost as fast as the industry itself. In Colorado, the total number of employees in the industry has grown from approximately […]