About us


As operators with real experience in the cannabis industry, we are passionate about education. Our goal is to provide a compelling and effective e-learning platform for the entire cannabis workforce.
Recognizing an unmet need in the market, Jan founded ZolTrain to deliver relevant educational content and vocational training tools to the cannabis workforce, which is expected to employ up to 1 million people in the US. Jan got her cannabis education as founder and CEO of The Farm, a premier cannabis company in Colorado that employs more than 100 people. A widely recognized leader in the industry, Jan’s experience spans from state-level advocacy work to operating a compliant cannabis company with 9 various licenses.
One of the founding pioneers at The Farm and former Chief Marketing Officer, Alison has embodied various leadership roles in retail and marketing, establishing the marketing division, cultivating The Farm brand, developing the website, online pre-ordering system, social media strategies and leading events. Alison’s operations expertise in the evolving cannabis landscape has been instrumental in the creation of ZolTrain’s classes and overall platform.
Spearheading The Farm's training programs, Tony helped translate and deliver difficult concepts into digestible components for new and existing cannabis employees. As a result, The Farm garnered numerous notable guest service awards. At ZolTrain, Tony has led the instructional design of our classes ensuring their compelling and curated content.
Samantha is co-founder and CEO of The Grow-Off, a science-based cannabis competition. In 2009, she co-founded the first cannabis seed company in the US. She was featured on CNBC’s “Marijuana USA” representing the true entrepreneurial spirit of the cannabis industry. Sam brings her authenticity and a voice of experience to each ZolTrain class.
The ZolTrain Team has been involved in the legal cannabis industry since 2009 as founders and operators of The Farm, a women-owned cannabis company in Boulder, Colorado. Having built one of the most respected cannabis companies in the state, we know what it takes to succeed in every aspect of a dynamic and highly-regulated business.
With the global cannabis market poised for explosive growth in the coming decade, we believe the demand for knowledgeable, relevant industry expertise has never been greater. Given our hands-on experience, we know that training, educating and motivating staff is a constant challenge facing all business owners and have developed ZolTrain to simplify the learning curve for employers and employees alike.


  • Change starts with the individual
  • Together we can create lasting change
  • Industry knowledge can and should be shared
  • Our authenticity and experience are our points of difference
  • Accuracy and relevance are essential to every class
  • Learning should be fun
  • Education is the answer


Having been in the legal cannabis business for 9 years, we have built a network of trusted advisors. These industry experts are pioneers in their own right, earning the respect of their peers for their successes and continued advocacy.
Betty Aldworth — Executive Director, Student for Sensible Drug Policy
Jane West — Founder & CEO, JaneWest.com
AC Braddock — CEO, Eden Labs LLC
Julie Dooley — Co-Founder, Julie’s Natural Edibles
Julie Batkiewicz — Founder & Producer, Monte Content LLC
Nick Tanem — Owner of Essential Extracts
Shawn Honaker — Owner & Founder, Yeti Farms