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ZolTrain was founded by a successful dispensary operator

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver better results to patients, consumers, dispensaries and brands by creating and maintaining a highly educated cannabis workforce worldwide.

Jan Cole, Founder and President
JAN COLEFounder & President

Recognizing an unmet need in the market, Jan founded ZolTrain to deliver relevant educational content and vocational training tools to the cannabis workforce. Jan got her cannabis education as founder and CEO of The Farm, a premier cannabis company in Colorado that employs more than 100 people. A widely recognized leader in the industry, Jan’s experience spans from state-level advocacy work to operating a compliant cannabis company.

Danny Gold, Co-Founder

Danny started his career as an engineer and currently bridges business and technology roles focused on product delivery and growth. As part of the founding team of Levels Beyond, he was directly involved in raising the Series A investment round that was used to successfully launch the company’s flagship media management platform. Later in his role as CTO, Danny established the product team and set the vision for the Reach Engine platform and applications furthering technology integration and the acquisition of joint customers with Adobe, Amazon, Verizon and others.

Eric Cobb, Architecture and Engineering
ERIC COBBArchitecture & Engineering

Eric began his career at Levels Beyond as one of the first ten employees. He helped to implement the technical transition to a product company through several different roles, eventually serving as a Software Architect and Team Lead responsible for designing and implementing a cloud-based, media-management platform. Eric is passionate about the art of crafting useful, pragmatic, and maintainable software and mentoring others toward that goal. After spending time at a larger, later-stage startup, Eric realized the work he found most rewarding involved helping entrepreneurs and creators realize their visions from inception.

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